Adult Beverage Enforcement

The following is needed with Adult Beverage

- Business | Catering License
- Certificate of Insurance | Event Liability Insurance
- Drivers License
- Basset License

You cannot have adult beverages if the above is not submitted.

Please See Vendor List Below.


Bar Beez



Bar Hop, LLC





Mention Amron Hall Pricing for your quote

Please confirm that you have secured booking 30 days before you event.

We are not responsible for securing your bartender/caterer.

 Conditions of Catering | Beverages:  Any caterer/staffing hired by Lessee must show proof of liability for the safety and health of individuals occupying and consuming food in the Leased Premises during the events secured by Agreement.  Amron Hall does not serve any food or beverage, and is not responsible for any food or beverage served on the premises. Lessee must submit all business information of caterers, servers, and staffing/bartending information to lessor.


Lessee must submit proof of license/insurance of company.  If there is no receipt of certification/license, and insurance a vendor may be provided at a cost, if there is adequate time permitted,  if lessee is unable to locate services.  If unable to acquire company, lessee may not serve adult beverage.