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Summary of Rules for the Venue

You must leave the Venue in the condition it was before your event.

You are Responsible For Your Guests!  


Please inform them of our Venue Policies and Rules.

ALL Tables & Chairs must be covered.


You have till 12:30 AM, or 30 Minutes After Your Event Time stated in contract, to remove all Decorations, Personal Items, and Trash.

You and your guests/vendors have until 1230am, or 30 minutes after your event time stated in contract, to have all your belongings (decorations/trash/equipment) out of the venue.

A charge of $300.00 per hour starting at 12am or time stated in contract and will be charged in 30 minute increments if still in the premises after 1230am or 30 minutes after time stated ion conract.

You Must Remove the following:  


  • Table Cloths | Food

  • Chairs | Covers | Drinks | Cups | Bottles

  • Balloons | Centerpieces | Table Décor

  • Boxes | Trays

  • Coolers

  • Audio Equipment | Speakers | Instruments

  • TAPE!


If all of the following items are not removed by time stated above, an hourly compensation rate of $300.00 per hour of hall time use would be applied.  Hourly charge/Time will be billed starting at 12 am.


Guests Cannot Exceed the Amount Stated in the Contract.  

  • Our maximum capacity is 190 Guests.  

  • If you exceed the amount stated in contract/capacity, your deposit may be forfeited. You may be charged additional funds based on contract.

  • It is the responsibility of the host to monitor the number of guests that attend the event.  If guests exceed our maximum capacity, event will be shut down and terminated.

  • You will be provided with tables and Chairs for amount of guests stated on Contract.

Requests for more tables:

  • Each additional Table: $20/Table if applicable.

  • Each Additional Chair: $10/Chair if applicable.

Requests for more Guests:

  • Adding More Guests: $10/Additional Guest

  • Cannot Exceed 190 Guests

  • Must be Confirmed before Day of Event


Preparation Time | Decoration Time | Decoration Policy

  • You may or may not have an additional 2 hours of Preparation Time before for Event Start Time stated in Contract.  Additional preparation time can be purchased at $75.00 per hour.  End times for additional hours always end at 3pm on days of event.

  • No screwing onto the walls; no thumbtacks; no construction tape can be used.  Party Tape only!

  • No outside ladders can be brought into the venue.  We do not provide ladders for decoration.


  • Absolutely no one under the age of 21 can consume alcoholic beverages.  

  • If it is discovered that someone under the drinking age is consuming alcohol, the event may be terminated immediately, and Security Deposit Forfeited.  

  • No drinking outside of the venue.  

  • Guests cannot bring alcohol to the event.  

  • Licensed bartender must be present (Basset License Required)

  • Beverages must be served in served in designated area.

  • Bartender Must Serve all Drinks

  • No Alcoholic Bottles on the table.

  • Limited Drinks per person may apply.

  • No bottles/Kegs

No Running Inside Venue

  • VERY IMPORTANT: ABSOLUTELY NO RUNNING inside the hall.  It is the responsibility of the host and designated individuals to monitor guests and their children.  No running or horseplay is allowed in the building.  Host will:

  • Receive 3 WARNINGS about these issues if they do arrive.  If this is a child’s event, children must be limited to dance floor for activities.  A $50 fee will be applied and taken from Security Deposit if excessive warnings are not corrected.  Event may be cancelled if lessee does not comply.  $50/warning after 3 Warnings.

No Moving Furniture

  • No rearranging of Furniture other than Tables and Chairs designated for the event.  

  • Do not move anything in the Banquet Hall.  

  • No rearranging of tables, decor, or equipment of any kind.

Clean Up

  • It is lessee’s responsibility to clean up after themselves.  

  • Lessee is responsible for throwing away all garbage, and keeping floors clean and dry at all times.  

  • Lessee must bring their own garbage bags to event.

Payments | Security Deposit

  • All payments made toward balance are non-refundable.

  • If you need to Cancel or Reschedule Event, all payments toward balance, including the security deposit, will be forfeited.

General Rules

  • No throwing of any items are allowed inside of the hall.  No playing catch or rolling any objects on the floor.

  • No climbing/sitting on tables or ledges of any kind.  

  • No climbing on chairs or jumping off furniture is allowed. 

  • No hanging decorations from the ceiling whatsoever.

  • No smoke machine.

  • Absolutely NO FIGHTING.  If there is any confrontations, law enforcement will be called, and Security Deposit Forfeited.

  • No illegal drugs or substances are allowed inside the venue.  

  • If it is found that any of your guests are consuming or partaking in illegal substances, your event will be cancelled immediately.  In addition, the security deposit is forfeited.

  • No candles or open flame (Allowed under food warmers only) is allowed.  Security Deposit Forfeit if used.

  • No snow machines allowed.  Security Deposit forfeited if used.

  • No commercial warmers allowed.

  • No blocking fire exits.

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